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Old Town Fredericksburg

Great Appeal

Fredericksburg has great appeal to buyers because of its location, education system, and local culture. The residents of Fredericksburg, Virginia enjoy the strategic location of the city which is approximately fifty miles north of Richmond and fifty miles south of Washington, DC. While the ideal location for commuters draws in many who work outside of Fredericksburg, local professionals also thrive in this up and coming area, especially with the expansion of local shopping and residential areas. Fredericksburg has much to offer given its flourishing business opportunities as well as its easy access to the commuter trains and ride sharing to transport commuters to jobs outside of the city.




Fredericksburg has some of the best reputed schools in the area. Both public and private schools in Fredericksburg are known for their academic excellence. The Fredericksburg city public school system is a tight knit unit that allows students to learn and mature while moving up through the same elementary, upper elementary, middle, and high schools. Fredericksburg is also known for its variety of private schools that allow parents a selection of schools highlighted by religious affiliation, student-teacher ratios, and pre-college training and counseling. The area is also proud to have the top ranked liberal arts school University of Mary Washington in town.

 Health Care
Fredericksburgh as some of the best family doctors, pediatricians, and specialists located throughout the community and represented at Mary Washington Hospital.  The care available in the area is known for its convenience of location, quality in treatment, and knowledge base of local professionals and staff.

Fredericksburg has developed and expanded its local shopping center, Central Park, which now includes hundreds of shops and restaurants, while still maintaining the small town feel of historic downtown Fredericksburg. Downtown Fredericksburg represents the colonial architecture and old time feel of the late 17th to early 18th century time in which it was founded and settled. While the civil war history, reenactments, and cemeteries are a draw for both local residents and tourists, Old Towne Fredericksburg also has popular restaurants, antique shops, and numerous small businesses that add to the warm, small town feel of this area.

 Motts Run


This area also has a rich history of battles that were waged in and around Fredericksburg, as evidenced by some of the buildings that have civil war cannonballs still protruding from their structure. The city has many tourists that come to visit the locations that have been recorded in history books and to see for themselves what it may have been like to have been around during such a time.


When looking for an area to locate to for a family, business or both, the Fredericksburg area is second to none.  At Danford Barton Real Estate, we enjoy and take pride in helping others, to find the property that is right for them.




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